For a week in august we had a residency at Outlandia – an off grid tree house structure in the woods near Fort William. We work collaboratively as Black Tent Video, creating video, images, sounds and installation based on the human aspects of Landscape. One strand of our proposal for Outlandia was to explore the twin August migrations of salmon and tourists into the wider Lochaber area.

Summer visitors

We met, interviewed and recorded scientists from Lochaber Fisheries Trust and followed the flow of tourists. We imagined ‘clans’ of fish returning to their home rivers as parallels to the Scottish Homecomings, spawning grounds with clan gatherings, and mountain paths with fish ladders.
The collection of images, videos and audio files created in Lochaber will provide the raw material for a new work within our ongoing ‘Horizons’ project.


With thanks to London Fieldworks and the Nevis partnership for the use of the Outlandia space.